Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All in

As with most things we do, we are going all in with this whole triathlon thing. Today we signed up for the Cocoa Beach Triathlon. We wanted a tune up race for St. Anthony's and we figured this was a good one. It is similar to Christina's Sprint in length and it is limited to only 500 participants. We figure this is a good novice triathlon. Also, we get a sweet medal!

Swim: 1/4 mile
Bike: 12.5 miles
Run: 3.1 miles

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Training While Travelling

I am beginning to experience some of the hurdles that come with training while travelling. This week I have been in Miami for business with no access (at least within a reasonable Miami traffic distance) to a gym associated with our gym (our local Tampa gym in the South Dale Mabry LA Fitness Signature Club).

I've done the best that I could considering the circumstances, but no one should ever have to train on a hotel fitness center cycle for 45 minutes. The results of this method are tight hamstrings at the very least. Needless to say the next day's run was not a fun one, but at least it was in a nice park with a cool breeze.

Tuesday- 45 minutes on upright stationary bike @ 18 mph (and 200-220 watts)
Wednesday- 40 minute run (4 miles)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Triathlon Training

As I mentioned in my last post, Christina is doing a Sprint Triathlon and I am doing an Olympic. When I refer to Sprint or Olympic, I am referring to the distance. I will outline what each distance entails, but you can look to St. Anthony's Triathlon's course page to get a better feel of what we are dealing with.

Sprint Triathlon
This is a typical beginner's distance for a new triathlete. There does not seem to be an accepted standard for distance, but all distance are pretty close. The St. Anthony's Sprint Triathlon seems to be on the longer end of the one's that we have looked at before settling on St. Anthony's.

Swim- 750 M
Bike- 20K

The swim is just under half a mile, the bike is about 12 and a half miles, and the run is your typical 3.1 mile 5K. This a very doable distance and I know Christina will crush it.

Olympic Triathlon
This is the standard triathlon distance. It runs in distance between a Sprint (described above) and a Half Ironman (to be described in a future post).

Swim- 1.5 K
Bike- 40K
Run- 10K

The swim is just under one mile, the bike just under 25 miles, and the run is 6.2 miles. On their own, each event is very doable, but together makes this distance a tough challenge that I am ready to attack. The attached picture shows the detailed course.

Tri-ing This Blog Thing Again

Loyal readers, I write to you to give me a second chance. I wrote my last blog for just over 100 posts, but ran out of free time and interest. I am giving this whole blog writing another go, but this time with a subject that is appearing in my life every day.

My wife, Christina, and I are training for our first Triathlon, St. Anthony's in St. Petersburg. Chrissy, who I am hoping will contribute to this blog, will be doing the Sprint Triathlon. I, on the other hand, have decided to jump in head first without testing the waters, by doing an Olympic triathlon. I will detail the two triathlons in a following post order to keep this one short.

Here is to a successful training!